Travel, Photo’s, Food and Life

Roslyn - Version 2
Roslyn Uttleymoore

Hello world 🙂 Welcome to my personal Blog site. For a few years now I have used the medium of Blogging on my website but so much has changed and about to change in my life I felt it necessary to make this change to a personalised Blog page.

For those that have followed my life’s journey on Face book can now get up close and personal thru my extended social media Blog page.


Having lived and experienced a huge, wide variety of food lifestyles over my 57 years, I was enchanted by Raw Food for a few years, but as each year saw the emergence of winter, my body craved warm food more and more. I listened to this need and included some cooked foods back into my way of life.

My intention and objective for this Blog will be to express my heart-felt opinion about everything and anything that may impact on my life. Due to my passion for travelling, photography and food these topics will also be a feature of this site.

It would be absolutely fabulous if you feel like following along, living vicariously, but please feel free to add your comments to bring this page to life.

LOL Roslyn

4 thoughts on “Travel, Photo’s, Food and Life

    • Hi Nadine, thank you for taking the time to reply, to my new Blog. I don’t think I could ever classify myself
      in the virgin category, but I sure am a beginner at this. My intention is to create a page that has a more personal touch,
      where I can give my opinion, experience and thoughts on a range of topics.
      My plan to set it up now so I can utilise it while we are away in Kauai
      LOL Roslyn

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