Huna Hawaiian Philosophy

Serge Kahili King

Huna is an ancient Hawaiian philosophy that I have been fortunate to have studied, absorbed, lived, experienced and taught, over the past 15  years.

I was introduced to Huna initially when I trained in Kahuna Massage, what seems like another life time ago. With that introduction both Jim and I felt it necessary to travel to the source of this simple yet profound way of living life.

It was on the island of Kauai that we met and studied with Serge Kahili King for a number of years.

I went on to teach Huna at our retreat Aloha Mana in Buderim Queensland. As they say you teach what you need to learn.

There is not a day goes by that I don’t use Huna on some level, in fact it has simply been absorbed at a cellular level now, it has become a part of who I am and live.

I would love to share with you the basis of Huna which are the 7 principles that guide my thinking and in effect guide my life.


The world is what you think it is -Be aware


There are no limits – Be Free


Energy flows where attention goes – Be Focused


Now is the moment of power – Be Here


To love is to be happy with – Be Happy


All power comes from within – Be Confident


Effectiveness is the measure of truth – Be Postitive

It truly is that simply and yet that profound, if you take a moment to think about these principles, they have the ability to change the way you think and live life.

LOL Roslyn

2 thoughts on “Huna Hawaiian Philosophy

  1. Thank You Roslyn — Thank You for introducing me to the philosophy of HUNA through your retreat…It came at the PERFECT time in my life after a major unexpected shift and it has assisted me in SO many ways ever since…your inspiration with this beautiful and simple way of living is such a gift…

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