Fragrant Friends

Ah the Fragrant fields of another persons pongy perfume !!
My relationship with perfume goes back along way, my darling mother used to use Yardley April Violets, and to this day if I smell it, I am instantly reminded of her, which I love.
I personally have journeyed thru a variety of perfume fashions over my life time, but thankfully I was alerted to the toxic nature of this beast many years ago.
Being introduced to essential oils was another part of discovering fragrances with the added benefits of the therapeutic factor. Although I learnt the hard way (a 3rd degree burn) when I used a less than reputable brand of oils !! I quickly returned to using only Young Living oils from that moment on.
Luckily I have surrounded my self with loving friends whose choice is the same as mine, that is to either use an essential oil or nothing. But occasionally some one slips thru the boundary wearing some exotically expensive toxic potion.
I usually ask the person to please not wear it when they are coming to see me, and I will say all the women respectfully and considerately leave their perfumes on the bathroom shelf.
But the men, continue to bath in this toxic crap, no matter how nicely I ask them not to. Pefumes give me a headache, and create such an unpleasant odor in my home, that lingers well after they have left.
Please be considerate when using this toxic solution, it can be the most offensive cocktail of smells. When you layer a deodorant, shampoo, body scrub, body lotion, AND perfume or after shave it is the equivalent of dipping into the sheep dip !!
LOL Roslyn

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