Mother V Mother

Today I headed for the local supermarket, it is here I get my dogs food, toilet paper & tissues as all my food supplies I get from my local farmers markets.

I was delighted to be behind a young mum, who had loaded the check out with Fruit & Vegetables, I made a comment that it was delightful to see such a colourful array of real food.

While I was waiting, a supermarket employee came up to the drinks counter and grabbed a can of Mother plus a can of Red Bull, she also had a Mars bar in her hand. It was 10am in the morning so I am assuming this was morning tea !!!!

Holy Crap !!

Peoples choices blow me apart, here was a beautiful young mum, making a conscious choice, whilst the flip side is the crappy choice, (in my opinion) I guess that is the good thing about life – you are free to make your own decisions about most things, I just can’t understand with all the information out there about eating a healthy diet, why some people still choose to ignore it.

Maybe you an help me out here, to try to understand why ??

LOL Roslyn

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