Sunday Breakfeast

Good Beautiful Sunday

Thought I would share my scrummy breakfast from this morning.

And NO there is not a corn flake in site !!

Last night I cored 4 luscious ripe pears, cut them into 1/4’s and placed them in the Sedona Dehydrator overnight @ 48*

In the morning I soaked about 1/2 a cup of Goji berries along with some of the peaches I had dehydrated last season.

To put the dish together, I chopped the warm soft and slightly mushy pears into a bowl, added the gojis and peaches (drained of their soak water, which I drank). Then I sprinkled a teaspoon of both maca & spirulina powder, gently mixing all this together into a warm fruity pudding, filled to the max with everything my body desires.

LOL Roslyn


2 thoughts on “Sunday Breakfeast

  1. um… YUMMY! fruit pudding !

    I have been making a version too. It has chia, apples, coconut, goji berries and raisons…& I add a touch of cinnamon if I feel like a bit more flavour 😉

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