Staying Warm In Winter

I’m not usually here on the Sunshine Coast at this time of the year – WINTER !!!

Jim & I have flown north well by now to escape these cooler temperatures. I have had to find a way of staying warm, until we do take off to Kauai, Hawaii to bask in the northern hemisphere’s Summer sunshine 🙂

Here are a few tips on staying warm

  • Exercise and plenty of it
  • Eat warm food
  • Wear warm clothes, I have taken to wearing my dressing gown and ugh boots all day
  • Turn the aircon on full
  • Think warm thoughts
  • Find some one to hug

If all that fails to warm you, buy yourself a ticket to the northern hemisphere 🙂

Here is what I had for breakfast today

  • Semi dried pears
  • fresh persimmons
  • goji berries, pre soaked
  • peaches, pre soaked
  • some of the soak water

Add all the ingredients to a small saucepan and heat until warm.

Add to a bowl, and sprinkle with Maca & Spirulina powder


LOL Roslyn Stay Warm Beautiful  Bloggers

2 thoughts on “Staying Warm In Winter

  1. I wizzed up ginger and lemon grass in the food processor and then dried it. I now have a huge jar of the nicest warmest tea. I think I have had about 3 litres of it today.

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