Water for Elephants – Bali Laugh

Visiting Bali is an excitement for all the senses, its richness in culture, architecture, religion, landscape combined with the natural beauty of the people are a feast.

During a recent to Bali, I visited the Elephant Safari Park Lodge in Taro, I can only scream from the top, just how superbly, sensational the whole experience was, from our luxurious room, decorated in typical elephant style resplendent with original elephant paintings, to the elephant limousine that strolled us to our exquisitely romantic candle lit dinner.
I simply cannot fault the Elephant Safari Park Lodge.
The opportunity to not only ride an elephant but adding water to the experience was a highlight in my life, it is here I share the Bali Laugh !!
I trust you enjoy watching it even half as much as I did doing it.

If you ever get to visit this exotic paradise a trip to the Elephant Safari Park Lodge in Taro is a must, so sit back and enjoy vicariously thru this video

LOL Roslyn

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