Ubud Food Market

Going to Ubud was such a dynamic experience, filled with a kaleidoscope of colours, aroma’s, textures, sounds and culture. I simply loved every minute.

Being the foodie that I am, eating from the street vendors never bothers me, in Thailand, that is where you get to enjoy the exotic flavours at their best, so when we came across a vendor with pots of black sticky rice, warm coconut milk, green glutenous rice, and a combo of cassava and banana, I simply had to dive right in. All was good until about 1:30 the next morning when all hell broke loose in my gut. It gave me the opportunity to reassess my eating habits for the next 10 days we were in Bali -Fruit,  Fruit and more Fruit. Figured I couldn’t go wrong with what nature has designed.

In sharing this story, I am here to say the black sticky rice won’t stop me from trying other phenomenal foods when traveling.

I loved the juxtaposition of cultures, staying in the luxurious Komaneka and walking not 20 mins. to the local food market and all it had to offer.

You can enjoy the markets from the safety of your chair and skip the Bali Belly.

LOL Roslyn


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