the Sprout & the Bean Cafe review

For those that don’t already know me, I am a total foodie, I am passionate about good, wholesome, vegan food. What a perfect way to explore this love than to review some of my favourite eating places.

On a recent trip to my old home town Geelong, Victoria, Australia, I headed straight to the best cafe in town ‘the Sprout and the Bean’ owner Chef Shaun Petty never disappoints my taste buds.

Shaun offers an extensive menu, specialising in vegan, gluten friendly whole foods also catering for kids and has  a great take out service, plus indoor and outdoor dining.

the Sprout and the Bean has a very relaxed, comfortable  atmosphere, there is no need to make a booking, when the urge takes you to have the best food ever simply drop in & enjoy.

Shaun and his friendly, helpful staff bake all the cakes & muffins in the cafe, so when you walk in the aroma is intoxicating, add that to the heady fragrance of the Jasper Coffee they specialise in, and you are in food heaven.

They have a daily special that can vary from the soup of the day, curries and samosas. the regular menu is about to be update (I will keep you posted with this)

If freshly squeezed juices is what you are after, they have the best, I had the purple carrot, apple & beetroot when I was there, packed full of anti oxidants and goodness !!

This cafe not only indulges my passion for food, but the presentation demands to be photographed.

What was left of a dynamic lentil burger

Lentil Dahl

Potato & Leek Soup

Veggie Soup served with Sour Dough bread

Lentil Burger and salad – Beetroot carrot & apple juice

Shaun busy preparing something sumptuous !!

You simply can’t go past the samosa and in house relish

Casual, relaxed & very comfortable atmosphere

the Sprout and the Bean cage is located at 1/163 Malop St, Geelong

opening hours Mon-Fri 8am-3pm  Sat. 9am-3pm

credit card available

P: 03 5222 1270

Owner Shaun Petty

Shaun is currently planning on opening a new cafe, so stay tuned to the updates.

If you have dined @ this splendidly, delicious cafe, why not let me know what you loved about it ?

LOL Roslyn


5 thoughts on “the Sprout & the Bean Cafe review

    • I will be right onto the atlas to find out where you are 🙂 thank you again for your comments, you have shared a brand new food experience LOL Roslyn
      I will be heading to Hawaii next week for 3 months so you can look forward to seeing lots of tropical blogs 🙂 🙂

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