Travelling and Leaving the Puppies @ Home

Aloha and Welcome to my first Blog from Kauai.

The hardest part of travelling for me is leaving our puppies @ home. We have done it so often now but it doesn’t get any easier. We are so lucky to have a beautiful puppy minder, who I just know will love and care for the boy’s. Our boy’s have never been in a kennel, and have always had the care and affection of the most generous of doggy sitters.

What an absolutely pleasure treasure of a trip, after starting the day early from Buderim, we travelled via the local Sunair bus to Brisbane airport. Here we settled into the QANTAS club lounge, until our flight to Sydney was ready. It will be great next year as Hawaiian Airlines will be flying direct from Brisbane.

I love flying QANTAS they do give great service.

From the plane back to the QANTAS Club to fill in a bit more time until our flight to Honolulu.

I have taken a swag of photo’s, of the food and features from the journey, but I will add those as a later blog.

Boarding the plane to fly to Honolulu  alway’s makes me feel like I am dancing wildly, filled with such JOY and a kaleidoscope of enthusiasm.

Sleeping on a plane is never a problem for me, being 5′ nothing allows for ample leg room, so I just lay back and sleep like a baby. It was such a beautiful moment when I did wake up, as I peeped out of the shade, to see the first rays of an Hawaiian sunrise.

Touching down in Honolulu is like coming home, we are greeted by the same airport attendant each year, he is so filled with ALOHA, and is so happy to share it around. Welcome Home, island style

After passing thru customs, which a so easy, they allow all our superfood goodies, it is just one more plane trip until we reach our destination of Kauai. 20 mins in the air and we are truly home.

Jim and I have a system, where I collect the bags, and he makes a BLine for the car rental office (Yes we really do rent a car for 3 months, and yes it really does cost too much, but buying a car and leaving it for 9 months is just as expensive), that way I get to wait in the glorious warm sunshine, breathe the island air until he drives around in our new car.

When we get to our place it is time to unpack as much as we absolutely need, then out to fill up with fresh green supplies, before heading to have an energising fresh food feast at the local Papaya’s cafe.

The fresh Tofu on Kauai is so yummy.

Then it is home for a walk to breathe some island air and crash into bed. It probably takes about 30 hours of travelling to get us from Buderim to Kauai, with a few hours of sleep in between, so it is a monstrously long day. It was 8:30pm Kauai time when my head hit the pillow.

The time difference between Kauai and Buderim Queensland is 20 hours or another easier way to work it out is 12 midday in Buderim = 4pm the day before in Kauai. So I am typing this Blog Sunday evening 7:42pm Kauai, whilst in Buderim it is Monday 3:42pm.

It was after 8am before my eyes opened this morning, feeling so refreshed and grateful for a brand new day, filled with abundant sunshine and warm ocean water.

After a morning coffee (upside down of course) it was down to our favourite little swimming hole, to wake up and wash off the vibes of travelling, then back to sit on the balcony to soak up our first rays of Hawaiian sunshine……….mmmmmmm intoxicating !!!

Breakfast was 1/2 a watermelon, fresh, cool, and delicious, then down to the garden, to sit by the ocean, read a book and slow down to fit the rhythm of the island. It always astounds me just how fast I move, and I always greatly appreciate the opportunity to reflect the change of pace here on Kauai, starting to feel replenished from the toes up.

I completed the second of Jo Nesbo’s novel, while flying here, it was the last in the trilogy, The Phantom. Whilst it sure is a racy, violent, crime novel, the way in which Jo Nesbo writes is incredible, making twists and turns right up until the last paragraph, thoroughly enjoyed it. So I changed the pace somewhat by starting a novel by Wallace Stegner, called Crossing to Safety, it received rave reviews on the Tuesday book club, with Jennifer Byrne, and so far (first chapter) loving it.

There are numerous photographs to share, but I will post these separately. Great fun was had capturing the food in the QANTAS Club, and the food ??? they served on the flight, plus other creative captures. So true to the name of this Blog Travel, Photo’s, Food and Life, you won’t be disappointed.

ALOHA Roslyn

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