Now this Blog is truly a scary !!!  This is what was on offer in the air, OMG I took one purely for the exercise of photographing it. This simply could not in any stretch of the imagination be called food.

It was filled with so many chemicals, preservatives and the like, but it was called a chicken and mushroom tortilla !!

I’m almost sorry to showcase this, it is so disgusting !!

But the saddest part of this Blog is that most of the travellers were happily chowing down on these, and finishing it off with, you guessed it, a can of Coke!!

It doesn’t bare thinking, what the hell was going on in their gut !!

To think some poor old chook gave up its life for this.

6 thoughts on “FLYING FOOD ???

  1. Gross! Thank you for Highlighting this. We have a long way to go! Congrats im now really not needing brekky now. But I still love your posts 😜

  2. Would love to be a fly and travel with you!! Please post a photo of the expresion on your face!! Must have been priceless.
    Enjoy Hawaii!!! Greetings!!

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