Grumpy Old Woman – Excuses

I am dragging out an old re run that I had posted on my Uttley Raw Food Website, but thought it was appropriate, as I watch all the fatties chowing down, can hardly move, medicated to the max and shuffling around this beautiful Hawaiian island.

Sure beats me, why you wouldn’t want to be bounding out of your skin, loving life, jumping in & out of the ocean, walking/trekking some of the most spectacular vista’s on the planet, instead of seeing the inside of Bubba Burgers ??

Still I guess life is what you make it,  and you certainly are what you eat !! It is simply a choice.

After sitting in consult with people for more years than I care to remember, I have heard all the excuses for not changing.

We happen to be living in the best time to access information about anything, there simply is no reason why people are still getting sick, and not knowing or understanding why !!

Having a bloated gut, being constipated, diarrhoea, suffering aches and pains,  Blah Blah Blah is just not necessary, and is so easy to fix.

Take a moment to watch this Grumpy Old Woman explain and give you a solution to your problem.

Here are some of the You the comments I received when the video went live
‘haha love your frankness. You are so right, too many people make excuses for everything all the time. That is often because they actually enjoy being ill as it gets them attention and makes them feel special. A real shame and a wasted opportunity, wasted life…. thanks so much for the video:)’
‘Wow! I want to laugh, but it is pretty sad and pathetic of her…..i don’t know where this woman is going on holiday, but i have never been anywhere where i couldn’t get fruits n veggies…..her problem is in her head for sure :)’
‘Live raw or die… It is her choice…’
‘you’re totally right, get rid of her.’
‘Awesome Ros!!! It makes me smile because I just can’t see you as being a grumpy old woman, passionate but not grumpy!!! :)’
 Love your work!!
 FANTASTIC Ros…So simple…Love It!
Why not share your thoughts on this Grumpy Old Woman ~ much Love Roslyn

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