Good-Bye my Friend Mana

Good-Bye my Friend, the love of any animal is so pure, without judgement and complete.

I am guessing in my heart I new I would not see Mana again, when I left for our trip back home to Kauai. But when Deb (our angel doggie sitter) called to let us know he had deteriorated very fast, and the time had come for an act of kindness (that we readily offer our animal friends and withhold from our human friends and family) my heart broke into 1000 pieces.

Being someone who is always ready to take responsibility for my actions, the thought of not being able to full fill the care of our beautiful puppy was heart breaking. Then the true meaning of friendship stepped up, I contacted my closest friends, and they were there without question.

Together with Deb, Maria, Gaby and Douglas did something above and beyond, they were with Mana for his final journey. What you have done for Jim & I and more importantly Mana is in our hearts forever.

Here is our tribute to the most loving, gentle, kind, quirky puppy ever.  Always in our hearts.

Love you Mana Roslyn & Jim

Mahalo to Keali’i Reichel for his music Good-Bye my Friend from his album Ke’Alaomaile

6 thoughts on “Good-Bye my Friend Mana

  1. Ros,
    How wonderful your beautiful Mana (and you and Jim) were supported as he took that journey and big love to you both as you integrate the loss. They teach us and love us so much, our fur babies, and your post has been a lovely reminder to cherish every moment as I have been moaning a bit lately with all the rain and mess being brought into our house by our three!!!! x

    • Thank you Pettina, You are very lucky to be married to a Vet, my only experience with them has been they are the most compassionate people on the planet.
      David Battle was the vet that cared for Mana, he is a beautiful soul.
      Life can go by so quickly, we truly must be aware of our fur babies, their needs, which a so few, a simple pat, a loving look, a caring gentle word, and what they give back in return is overwhelming pure love 🙂
      Thank you for your caring words and thoughts, they truly mean a lot to both Jim and I at this time
      LOL Roslyn

  2. Oh Ros and Jim, that must have been heart breaking indeed for you both. So sad when one of our family passes away. He chose wisely to pick you two as his human companions through this life. So sorry to hear your news. That was a lovely tribute.

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