Hibiscus Leaf Roll-ups

Any one who truly knows me, knows and understands my obsession with food, not just any sort of food, good, wholesome, organic, nutrient rich and filled with the love or Aloha that only a good farmer can supply.

So when we travel, what sort of food that country offers is the prime priority, Kauai Hawaii ticks all those boxes. It supplies our every need in every way.

We have made the most beautiful connection with the most Aloha filled farmers – lovers of the earth, John & Nandanie Wooten and it is a pure joy to be fed from their farm.

Last nights feast was a Hibiscus Leaf Roll-up, filled with grated beetroot, sweet avocado, tomatoes, cucumber and sunflower sprouts, using an organic miso and the most glorious organic Tamarind paste I have ever tasted.

Yummy in my Tummy Aloha Roslyn

Aunt Patty’s Organic Tamarind Paste – ‘To LIVE for’ I have only been able to source this here on Kauai, not available in Australia, as far as I know.


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