Kauai Local Farmers Markets

Living on the Aloha filled island of Kauai is a joy at any time, but come wednesdays and you will see Jim and I headed for the best local farmers market anywhere in the world.

The Kapa’a market has a quirky island tradition where you cannot start to purchase any products until a bell goes off dead on 3pm !! but if you know this, and get to know the locals, get there early and ask them to put the food you want away for you, because the good stuff goes really fast.

I have  also been known to line up and wait patiently to get the perfect head of broccoli or the one and only bag of figs. As everything is grown on island, the produce differs form week to week, depending upon the season and the weather.

Our favourite stall that we make a beeline for is John & Nandanie Wooten, they have a organic farm nestled at the feet of King Kong in Anahola.

If you don’t want to be disappointed you can order ahead by calling the Wootens 823 6807 Kauai

Their food truly has to be tasted to be believed, the greens are rich and full of muscle, they also have Ulu – Breadfruit, Eggplant, Carrots, Limes, Turmeric, Ginger, Banana’s plus an assortment of other tasty, nutrient rich seasonal organic goodies.

BUT I have never ever tasted a Papaya that even comes close to the Wooten’s Papaya’s, they have a sweet custard like consistency that you will simply have to travel to Kauai to sample for yourself.

Ulu – Bread Fruit, island potato, creamy smooth and ready to be created into the best meal ever, sweet or savoury.

Just some of our weekly supplies from Kapa’a Local Farmers Markets

Garden Island Greens, direct from Wooten’s Organic Farm

Aloha Roslyn

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