Living & Loving in Sunshine Heaven

Diary Day 16

Kauai Hawaii

Yesterday was THE most perfect day here on the Garden Island of Kauai, we have been effected by the tail end of a couple of hurricanes that have been hanging off the coast of Mexico ( as the locals tell us) with a bit more grey sky than we are used to here at this time of year. But yesterday started out sunny and stayed that way all day long !! and that spells perfection to me.

So I planted myself under my usual tree, to read, take in the ocean view, relax, listen to some music and gather some rays !!!

We were heading out to spend a joy filled evening with our dear friends John & Nandanie Wooten @ their farm/home in Anahola. Our nights spent with John and Nandie are always a pleasure as they tick all the essential boxes for me, Organic food, Fresh wholesome meals, Prepared with Aloha, a chance to wander in the orchards and amongst the greens, and abunDANCE in the Fruit trees, a great chance to talk story, a whole year of catch up, and loads of laughter.

As it turned out, we were so lucky to be there at the precise time & moment to see the Durian flowers being propagated, what a treat. Durian is far from abundant on the island, and John lovingly cares for the few fruits that choose to grow. Durian is one of his crops that is never for sale.

I have a load of photo’s to play with, as Nandie excelled herself with our meal, along with a celebration as Jim & I have managed to reach a milestone of 26 blissfully happily married years. I will have these pics up and posted very soon, together with recipes.

Trust your Monday morning is filled with gratitude for what ever you are about to do

Aloha Roslyn

4 thoughts on “Living & Loving in Sunshine Heaven

  1. Sounds perfect. A very happy anniversary to the two people who have made me realise that there can be “a happily ever after”, if you are prepared to make it happen. Don’t just sit and wait for it to come to you. Go out and grab it for yourselves should be your motto. Love you both and enjoy that sunshine and each other.

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