Wedded Bliss Island Style

WOW 26 years Living and Loving with this gorgeous man, how blessed am I ??

26 years ago today Jim proposed to me on the romantic island of Navini Fiji, I had know idea, he had planned our whole wedding day, with out my knowledge, what a beautiful surprise. He had the rings, all the legals, even arranged our wedding clothes to be authentic Fijian Tapa cloth, and the flowers were divine, in fact I still have them at home, and on a humid day they still give off a faint island perfume.

There was a wedding feast, blessed by the friendly islanders, he had even arranged a gorgeous wedding cake !!

So it was on this day 26 years ago we danced and celebrated our love as we still do today.

Marriage, may well be unpopular these days, but it means a lot to me, it is not just a piece of paper, to make my commitment to the man I love changes the dynamics of our relationship.

Don’t get me wrong our relationship is just as tough and hard some days as any ones, but it is all worth it, we both enjoy to be challenged, embrace change, and love what ever life throws at us, deep in the knowledge we can always rely on each other.

My guess is trust and respect play a huge roll in our lasting marriage, I never doubt Jim’s word.

I asked Jim this morning as we played in the ocean, did he have a highlight ? his reply was that we didn’t know we would be enjoying where we are today in our lives, being able to embrace the unknown together, on the same team, as one.

I Love my husband more today, as our love grows and changes on a daily basis, I feel truly blessed to have found my soul mate, and to have been able to share my life with him, I look forward to the next however many years, discovering life & love together.

Aloha Roslyn

Diary Day 17 Kauai Hawaii

4 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss Island Style

  1. Aloha!!…Though I don’t know you guys, your love shows…Your an inspiration to all couples…Love and blessing to you both on your special day and all the years to come…xxx

  2. Hi Ros and Jim and congratulations to you both!!!! I’m with you Ros, against the modern trend, I LOVE being married (29 years for Rick and I) and still loving each other’s company, and even more so now we have an empty nest and the romance begins all over again!!! We renewed our vows after 25 years on a cruise boat in Hawaii which was a very special day for us and to see our first-born walking down the aisle with her daddy (to her gorgeous fiance) in a beautiful chapel in Fiji last year while I sang for her was extra special too.

    From the bottom of my heart to two very special people, aloha and blessings to you both.

    Lots of love always
    Robyn xxx (and Rick)

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