Murungai – Drum Sticks

It is always fun to be introduced to a brand new food, unless you have been bought up in Sri Lanka or such like places I have no doubt you haven’t heard of this tasty food, much less eaten it.

Nandie Wooten my lovely Sri Lankan friend here on Kauai made a feast for us the other evening and Murungai was on the menu.


Nandanie Wooten preparing Murungai Drum Sticks

I got to help prepare the dish, which required quite a lot of peeling and cutting.

Here are the Murungai Drum Stick prior to peeling and cutting.

Prepared Murungai Drum Sticks

Nandie, placed the prepared Murungai in a pot of boiling water, adding her secret mix of spices cooking until softish.

She served it with a Coconut curried bread fruit dish, together with curried lentil, brown rice & red quinoa plus a fennel and tomato salad, so delicious.

But the trick is how to eat this new and exotic vegetable ? – you only eat the soft inside of the stick, first splitting the stalk open and spooning out the delicious pulp (or scraping it on your teeth)  which ever way you choose to enjoy theses tantalising Murungai, I am sure you will enjoy them and hurry back for a second serving.

I found it hard to find much on Google to tell me more about this vegetable, but here was the best I could find, take a look if you want to know more

Murungai Drum Sticks are readily available at the local farmers markets here on Kauai for about $1.50 a bunch

Aloha Roslyn

Diary Day 20 Kauai Hawaii


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