Kapa’a Farmers Market – Kauai

Being 100% totally obsessed with Organic, Wholesome, Nutrient rich food, Local Famers Markets really are the only place for me to buy my food supplies.

When and where I travel and in fact live, are completely prioritised by the availability of quality food.

Kauai ticks all the boxes for fresh organic, seasonal fruits and veggies.

Kapa’a Market is held every Wednesday @ 3pm on the Garden island of Kauai Hawaii

Aloha Roslyn

Diary Day 23 Kauai Hawaii

Here is a typical over view of my weekly shopping list


The best leafy greens ever from Wooten’s Organic stall

Bread Fruit – Ulu


Asparagus & Spring Onions

Fern shoots, these are Hawaiian ‘ONO’

Zucchini Flowers




Mamey Sapote

Plus anything John & Nandanie Wooten have at their magic stall 🙂



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