Conscious Eating – Conscious Living

I had an experience this morning that made me stop and be aware, Joyously, Drunkenly, Serenely, Divinely AWARE

As we were standing by the oceans edge, soaking up the suns rays, we watched a guy swimming far out to sea, making his way to the beach, as he got out of the water, he turned back to the ocean, put his hand on his heart and bowed a small but very conscious bow of gratitude.

This simple offering of thanks to nature, for allowing him to be, enjoy, breathe and live in its essence touched me greatly.

Walking back home, I was feeling the warm breeze on my skin, the gentle island sun warming my soul and the fragrances of the ocean and plumeria (frangipani).

But it was in my kitchen preparing our breakfast for the day, that it occurred to me just how consciously aware I eat, but not just eat, the way I choose, select and gather the food we eat, the way I feel the fruit, smell for its ripeness, it freshness, its firmness, its crispness, the colour and texture. Feeling the mango heavy in my hand, full to overflowing with goodness, sweetness, and juiciness, I knew all of this without cutting into it. It was the conscious, awareness to being connected to the food I eat, and more than that it is the connection to my body and what it needs. The vitamins, minerals, and a thousand other nutrients that is alive in the food I eat.

There is a reason why we eat, it is to stay alive.

When we enjoyed a meal with our beautiful island friends John & Nandie Wootten the other evening John shared a blessing before our meal, his was a simple blessing of our ability to eat and enjoy our food with consciousness and awareness.


John Wootten in is garden island farm  🙂              Nandanie Wootten, with the fruits of her labour 🙂

Personally I don’t aways take the time to say a blessing or prayer prior to eating, but I know on every level of my being, that I am consciously being grateful for the food that surrounds me, or that I surround myself with.

The joy that I have when I get to be amongst the food growers, and the energy that surrounds me when I am embraced by food, fills my very soul.

Before we came away to Kauai, happily enjoying a conversation with Jim our yummy organic food supplier in Australia, we were talking about preparing a meal or following a recipe, when we both discovered neither of us can follow a recipe !! and that when other people try to make our recipe for meals, they never taste the same !!


Organic Jim & Roslyn @ the Big Pineapple Market                   Organic Jim in his farm 🙂

The answer to this is simple, it is the love factor, it is the gratitude shared at every step along the way to placing the bowl lovingly in front of a loved one, filled with, what looks like a beautiful meal, but always carries deep within every ingredient, gratitude, love, and conscious awareness.

Aloha Roslyn

Diary Day 28 Kauai Hawaii ‘The Garden Island’



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