Kaboocha Squash

Known for my love of island food, one of my dear friends asked if I had found any new foods on the island this year, we got to sharing my new discovery of Ulu – Breadfruit, when our conversation turned to pumpkin 🙂 and my love of. I have to say the island squash has never really inspired me, as it has always looked a little woody, but she assured me the Kaboocha squash was a good substitute. True to the garden island gift of Aloha, the next day there were 2 Kaboocha squash waiting at my door along with the most gorgeous gardenia’s ever, the fragrance of which has filled our home for day’s 🙂

Always wanting to try a new food in its simplest form, to appreciate its true flavour, I set about steaming it, as I have never enjoyed pumpkin raw (way too mucussy for me) It was pretty much the same preparation as a pumpkin, peeled and cored, it did have quite a lot of seeds and only had a small amount of flesh.


Only a few minutes of steaming was necessary to soften this squash.

My review of the Kaboocha squash is, it is a sweet, delicate flavour, quite like our pumpkin, slightly watery, but lacking the rich full bodied flavour and meaty texture of the Jap pumpkin I enjoy at home in Australia. But true to my foodie nature, I adored trying a new variety of vegetable, particularly when it was given as a gift filled with Aloha 🙂

Aloha Roslyn

Diary Day 29   Kauai Hawaii


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