Golden Flax and Chia Seed Crackers

Making a batch of Flax Crackers these days is as easy for me as it used to be for my mum to whip up a batch of scones.

Flax crackers ooze goodness, loaded with all the good omega’s especially when I add the chia seeds.

Here is the recipe for the easiest and tastiest crackers ever.

Golden Flax & Chia Seed Crackers


3 cups flax seeds golden or brown seeds

1 cup chia seeds

what ever is left over from the veggie juice pulp

4 cups of water


Place the flax and chia seeds in a bowl and mix together

Add veggie juice pulp

Add water and mix thoroughly

Divide the mix into 4 and add 1 portion per tray, smooth out flat and smooth

Place 4 trays into the dehydrator and dry for 12 – 24 hours @ 45*, flipping over and removing the teflex sheet, so both sides get done.

2EZY 🙂

Great for all your fav dips, spreads and salsa’s or mash a banana for a sweet treat 🙂

1 portion of the wet mix

1 portion of mix, spread on teflex sheet

Excalibur loaded 🙂

ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day 35  Kauai Hawaii

2 thoughts on “Golden Flax and Chia Seed Crackers

    • Aloha Nadine 🙂 Sounds delish, envious of you watching the olympics, our coverage here is pathetic!! is there any other country but USA competing ??? Australian TV is the best in the world, for sport, USA TV SUCKS !!! 72 channels of CRAP 🙂 enjoy your nanies lovely xoxox

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