Trails, Treks, Bike Paths and Beach Walks – Kauai Hawaii

Kauai is covered with the best ever trails, treks, bike paths and beach walks, and whilst I certainly have not used them all, Jim and I do our best to take advantage of as many as we can.

Over the years of visiting this gorgeous garden island, we have trekked the Napali coast a number of times, taken the trail thru Koke’e to the Red Wood forest, which is magical, luxuriated in the Lydgate beach walk (sun, sand & sea being the essential ingredients), enjoyed the ocean view from the Kapa’a to Kealia beach bike path, plus so many other walks around the island, too many to mention.

Redwood Forest

Jim trekking to Secret falls


Roslyn & Jim Napali Coast


Lydgate beach walk Sun, Sand, Sea, does it get any better ?

ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day  36 Kauai Hawaii

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