Roslyn Uttleymoore – Photographer

OMG I came across this ancient photo of me (21 years ago), together with the ancient camera equipment I used when, many moons ago, I was a professional photographer. Check out the shoulder pads !!

I had my own studio, specialising in weddings, make overs (before they became what they are today) plus babies, portraits  and the occasional local footy team shot !!

I was and still am passionate about photography, capturing the moment creates such a buzz for me.

Today with digital camera’s, iPad, iPhone, computers, editing apps by the ton, all my dreams have come true. In the past I would take my precious rolls of film to be developed, and wait what seemed forever to get them back, and if I needed  some specialised finishing, I would have to send them away to a lab, and that could take ages. Now with a flick of a button it is all at my fingertips instantly 🙂

ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day  37 Kauai Hawaii

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