Star Fruit – Carambola Kauai Style

When I think of Star Fruit, my heart is filled with ALOHA as my thoughts take me directly to sharing the juicy Star fruit from John & Nandie Wooten’s Organic Farm here on Kauai. Last year we made a video, so here it is again for those that missed the JOY we had making it and feasting on the delicious fruit.

It is always so much fun to share the abunDANCE that the Wooten’s create here on Kauai on their Moloa’a farm, but it is the Juicy little Star Fruit or otherwise known as Carambola in some parts of the world, that I would love to share with you today.



From Babies to Beasties, look at the size of these beauties.


How can they not be juicy, don’t you just love the color of the soil here ?

This was a salad, I made from the luscious bounty

Avocado, tomato, onion & Star Fruit, with a drizzle of lime juice 2EZY 🙂

Letting the flavours shine, in their simplicity, subtlety and complexity.

ALOHA Roslyn

Dairy Day 38 Kauai Hawaii

Special Mahalo to John & Nandie Wooten 🙂 Love you guy’s


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