Healthy Food Shopping on Kauai

Shopping for whole food here on Kauai is so easy, there is a local farmers market every day, somewhere here on the island, that supplies all the seasonal, fresh picked, organic fruits and vegetables you would ever need, plus the abundance of fruit stands and juice bars.

But if for some reason you need some other whole food products, we are spoilt once again with a kaleidoscope of stores that more than cater for all your needs.

Along with fresh produce, their shelves are stacked with organic dried fruits, nuts, seeds, refrigerated goodies plus a variety of personal care products, vitamin supplements, etc etc…………

If you are needing a great value take away meal, these stores cater for your appetite, whether it be vegan, gluten free or any other combination of eating habits.

From Poipu to Hanalei the island is dotted throughout with these rich food stores, with Living Food Markets in Poipu, Kapa’a has Papaya’s and Hoku, Hanalei has Harvest, how blessed are we, so if you are a foodie of the organic variety this island is definitely  for you.

Don’t get me wrong here, this island also specialises in C.R.A.P food, big time !! so make sure you go straight passed Bubba’s and the other seriously GMO food places specialising in pork and other questionable forms of food substances.

Living Food Market  Kukui’ula Shopping Centre Poipu




Hoku Foods Kapa’a



Papaya’s Natural Foods Kapa’a








Harvest Market Hanalei



ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day 40 Kauai Hawaii


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