Herbal Tea – Yogi Tea

I don’t know about you but I just love a cuppa, I find it a relaxing, soothing, joyful, experience especially when it is shared with a good friend, but anytime is a good time for time out with a good cuppa.

Now your choice of liquid beverage may vary somewhat, I know my tastes in tea vary so much, and I have a cupboard full of different ones at home, the one that is always just right for that particular occasion. Jasmine pearls, Green, Rooibos, Chai, the list goes on.

I am always on the look out for new tea  taste sensations, when I came across this variety recently, I was thrilled and so delighted with the taste. Being of the T/Bag variety definitely won’t please the purest of the Tea drinkers, but sometimes the sheer ease in preparation makes them irresistible.

This particular brand ‘Yogi’ Tea comes in the most gorgeous packet, dressed with beautiful messages and information, plus the little tag on the bag has a personal message, just delightful and truly inspirational.

I’m pretty sure I can get this in Australia, has anyone else seen the Mayan Cocoa Spice variety there ??



ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day   41  Kauai Hawaii


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