I was searching thru some of my 16,000+ photo’s, and came across a few photo’s I had scanned from a trip Jim & I did about 10 years ago to Nepal. We trekked from Lukla to Tengboche monastery, (just before base camp of Everest in the Himalayan mountains) it was such a rich life experience, filled with so many new and wonderful sights, tastes and people. There is such a strong cultural blood line that runs deep thru this amazing country. The views of the mountains are exquisite, even attempting to describe them, leaves me feeling powerless as words simply cannot convey the enormity of these ancient mountains.

When I had my first sighting of Everest, I was seated in a rough old aircraft, with cotton wool stuck in my ears and sucking on some sort of lolly the crew supplied, as the cabin was not pressurised, when towering above the clouds was this perfectly formed crystal mountain ‘EVEREST’ tears flowed freely at seeing such a gift of nature.

I know I have a  thousand other photo’s at home in a box somewhere patiently waiting for me to scan them 🙂 but here are a couple at least to share.

I will leave the shots of ‘buf’ (great slabs of buffalo meat, hair still attached) being transported up the mountain by porters in thongs for another time.



ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day 42 Kauai Hawaii

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