Garden Island Greens – Organic Farmers Markets Kauai

After being introduced to the Murungai vegetable recently, I googled for more information, and found the immense health benefits from eating the leaves. So I set about scouring our local Organic Farmers Markets here on Kauai to find them. After asking a few of the locals here, I found myself a beautiful bunch of leaves with the added bonus of the flowers, all of which are edible.

The leaves have a subtle green flavour, I used them in a soup as was the suggestion of the locals, and loved it.

The other Green Veg I found was Patola or Chinese White Squash or Lufa plant.


The local recipe for this beauty was to peel the Patola and use it in a soup or use it as a veg on its own. It does not have a strong flavour, but again it is a veg rich in calcium, iron and phosphorous.

Next on the shopping list this week was the Wing bean, this intriguing vegetable is in the same family as the snow pea, and does have a similar flavour, eaten raw or stir fry or used as a cooked veg or a tasty addition to a veg soup.

The Wing bean is a legume, that contains, protein, complex carbs, B Vit., calcium, iron and a rich source of fiber

It is my greatest joy to source the local foods, preparing them and eating them adds to that whole experience. You get to meet the most interesting, like minded people that way.

Kauai has to be the best place on the planet to source the freshest, seasonal fruits and veg. Kapa’a Organic Farmers Markets are held every Wednesday afternoon @ 3pm. If you are prepared to go out of your way to meet the locals and ask questions you will find these farmers are incredibly generous with their information and time.



ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day 42 Kauai Hawaii

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