Saving Seabirds on Kauai

Any one who knows my husband Jim, already knows what a kind and generous man he is 🙂

His kindness is especially directed to animals, so when the other day whilst I was sitting at the edge of the ocean and noticed a little Shearwater getting tossed and bashed by the waves, a quick shout to Jim and he was out to rescue it.

We had the perfect opportunity to learn just how organised this island is when saving their local bird life. All it took was a quick trip in the car to the local Fire brigade, there they had the bird safely put into a cardboard box especially designed to such an occasion. From here the caring personal, simply had to make a phone call and some one came to collect the bird, do what ever it took to, feed and see to the birds needs before releasing it back into the wild. 2EZY 🙂

Thank you Kauai for caring 🙂



Thank you Jim for being the beautiful man that you are 🙂

ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day 44 Kauai Hawaii

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