Chia Seeds

We all know the need for Omega-3, (a-linolenic acid) in our diet, everything from depression and ADHD to heart disease and hypertension can be caused from a lack of Omega-3 in the diet.

Did you know Chia is the highest plant source of Omega-3 known to man? Chia is 62% – 65% Omega-3. That makes chia a very high anti-inflammatory.

Chia contains powerful antioxidants that protect delicate essential fatty acids from oxidation. Unlike other sources of omega-3 oils (e.g., flax, hemp, or fish), chia doesn’t require the artificial or added antioxidants such as vitamins in order to remain fresh. Chia is an antioxidant-rich, whole food that naturally protects itself from oxidation. Therefore chia seeds remain fresh for longer.

Chia has 5 times more calcium than milk and the calcium is more readily absorbed thanks to the traces of boron which is vital for bone health.

Chia has 19 to 23% protein content and is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids, more than that found in traditional cereals such as wheat (13.7%), corn (9.4%), rice (6.5%), oatmeal (16.9%) and barley (12.5%) and Chia’s protein is gluten-free.

Chia seeds are highly hydrophilic, with the ability to hold about nine times their weight in water. This ability can prolong hydration and retain electrolytes in body fluids, especially during exertion or exercise.

Chia provides 27.6 gr. of fibre per 100 gr. of seed, equivalent to 100% of the recommended daily doses for adults. This soluble fibre cleans the intestines by binging and transporting debris from the intestinal walls so that it can be eliminated efficiently and regularly. A daily dose of Chia seeds provides an excellent fibre source and most people notice a different in less than a week.

If you would like to know more about Omega 3, 6, 9, you might like to read Jim’s eBook, a very simple book on nutrition

I would love to share some of the ways I include Chia seeds into my daily diet.

I love this breakfast.

2TB Chia seeds, a handful of goji berries soaked in enough water to cover them both

1TB Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina, then add your favourite fruit – I have added Mango

You could also add oats or quinoa to this mix 🙂

Here is a simple way to blend the benefits of Flax seeds and Chia seeds

Flax and Chia Seed Crackers


3 C brown or golden Flax seeds

1 C Chia seeds

4 C water

any left over juice pulp


put flax and chia seeds into a large mixing bowl and combine thoroughly

add left over juice pulp

add water

mix all ingredients thoroughly

divide mix into 4 portions

place the portions onto 4 dehydrator trays, flattening out to a thin biscuit

place trays in a dehydrator and dry @45*C for 12-24 hours, remembering to flip them over to remove teflex sheet to ensure an even dryness on both sides.


Fruity Flax & Chia Crackers

This is a recipe from a very dear friend and fellow foodie – Jenny Stimmler

Chia Breakfast Pudding;
1 young thai coconut (with pulp and water or 3 cups of almond milk
1/4 cup agave nectar
1 cup chia seeds
1 TBS vanilla or 1/2 cup carob or cacao
*Blend everything except the chia seeds then whisk them in until all are incorporated.
*Leave to stand for 30min at room temperature
– can be stored in the fridge for two days.

There are so many different ways to benefit from this powerful little seed, if you have a favourite recipe, I would love to share it. Simply add it to the comments below 🙂

ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day 47 Kauai Hawaii


3 thoughts on “Chia Seeds

  1. What an enticing post! Looking forward to trying some of your recipes. Do you know how bioavailable the ALA omegas in flax and chia are in the body? I know they require a healthy body to convert them into readily available form, but if you have any more insight that would be great!

    • Glad you have enjoyed my Blog 🙂 The nutritional information about ALA and all Omega EFA’s is very confusing, so my short reply would be to direct you to my husbands book, as this is dedicated to nutritional information in an easy to read and understand way Failing that, Chia and flax are the highest source of omega 3 EFA all other nuts and seeds contain way too much omega 6 & 9. Men do not convert the omega 3 very well in their bodies. If you feel you need the best source of Omega 3 fish oil is by far ahead of all plant based foods. If eating fish is not for you, then going for Chia would be your best bet. Realising it does so depend on what else you are eating, alcohol, meat, take away’s, smoking, lack of exercise all play a role in your health. Trust this assist you on your journey Friends in Food Roslyn Let me know how you go with the recipes 🙂

      • Thank you, Roslyn, for the guiding information–helpful, indeed. Uttley Raw Foods is an informative site and I’m looking into the ebooks. Although I don’t eat completely raw, it’s always fun, delicious and nutritious to dabble dearly! Keep up the good work–looking forward to see what comes.

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