Heart Disease in Women

Go Grab A Tape Measure NOW !!

This is such an easy test to do for your self, simply measure your waist, if it is greater than 35 inches or 88cm and you are a woman, you have a 99% increased risk of dying from a Heart Attack !!!  Yes 99% increased risk !!!

No need for all the trips to the doctor, this little test will tell all you need to know.

  • Along with the increased risk of heart disease you can add a 63% risk of cancer compared with women who have a waist measurement of 28 inches – 71cm.
  • 50% – 1/2 of all women and men with a waist larger than 39 inches – 100cm already have insulin resistance, diabetes.

Sometimes it takes a famous FAT celebrity to bring it to our attention, that this simple test could alert you to your personal risk factor.

Rosie O’Donnell recently had a heart attack, it has been blasted across the media, I am surprised ?? hardly if you are that overweight/obese you have to expect the consequences.


  • The statistics go on  1 out of every 3 women will die form heart disease !!
  • 50 million women in the USA will die from heart disease in their life time !!


HOW, you ask ?? – Loose weight, with a diet rich in Fruit & Vegetables and Walk at least 1/2 hour every day.

Please don’t try the big boned excuse either here is some more evidence


5lb = 2kg   10lb = 4kg   15lb = 6kg   20lb = 8.5kg

I think it is pretty easy to see an extra couple of pounds/kilo’s can have an extremely detrimental effect on your longevity and overall health and lifestyle.

I have just wrapped a tape measure around my waist – results are 26 inches or 64 cm

Are you game enough to share your waist measurement ??

My father died @ 42 with a major heart attack – he was grossly overweight, carrying all of his weight in his gut, typical ‘beer gut’ known to so many guy’s out there, and alarmingly in women as well.

ALOHA Roslyn

Diary Day 48 Kauai Hawaii

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