You Deserve It

‘You Deserve That’ How many times have you heard that line in your life ? How many times have you used it as a reason for doing, having or eating something ?

I was recently talking to a friend and sharing that I was about to go for a delicious walk at the ocean, their reply was ‘oh good for you, you deserve it’

It made me stop and think, what does that truly mean. I looked up the dictionary to define the meaning of deserve….To be worthy, to merit by conduct or qualities good and bad……

So was I worthy of a walk at the ocean ?? Did my conduct, good or bad merit a walk at the ocean ??                          You bet !!                                                                                                                                                                                             But more simply, I have made it happen, I have made choices along the way in order to be in the position to do what I want to do.

Some people might respond by adding ‘Oh it is alright for you’ etc etc……  But this way of thinking has been with me all my life. I made a decision very early, in fact it was when I was 15 years old and had started my first job. I made a statement to myself that, I was never going to be rich enough not to have to work, so I will never do anything that I do not enjoy. I have been true to that statement every day of my life since then. The only change has been and I believe it is because of the statement of only doing what I enjoy, I have come to a point in my life that I am rich enough not to have to work.

I so often hear others complain about their choices in life, or what they have to do today, or people they have to spend time with, or places they have to be, when they clearly don’t want to be there. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, don’t do it or simply change your attitude to what you do or people you are with or places you need to be. Like the old song ‘Love the one you’re with’ simply by seeing the joy in everything you do, you can change an unpleasant situation into a positive experience.

Another suggestion to enjoying and getting the most from your life is to watch your words, complaining and criticising situations will only add to your frustrations. It is far better to look for the good in everything, and if you can’t then remove yourself from the situation. This may sound way too simplistic for some, but it is the way I have chosen to live my life for the past 40+ years.

It may not be easy for some to make this change, by being aware of what and how you are talking and the words you are using will help you to turn this around.

The other way ‘You deserve it’  is used is when people use it to justify eating something, now sometimes this may be true, if you have had a great work out in the gym, had a long walk or run, worked physically  hard all day you most definitely deserve a good healthy meal, but think again if you have been sitting all day doing precious little and feel you deserve that cake, muffin, beer or what ever else you tell yourself !!

The ‘You deserve it’ motto is an easy justification and excuse to do something/anything that you most probably have doubts about. It could actually turn into a key phrase to use as an alert signal to not doing what ever it is  you think you deserve or at the very least give you a chance to readjust the situation in some way.

You see I truly believe I deserve everything in my life, everything !!                                                                                       The good, bad and the ugly. The difference in the good, bad and the ugly is the way I choose to define them.

If this all sounds too simple, it is, and at the same time it is difficult for some, as changing a lifetime habit of the way you think about and see the world you live in can be challenging.

Please don’t be too hard on yourself, start be seeing something good in everything you do, every place you are, every one you are with.

‘Cause you know what ? ‘You Deserve It’

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