Pad Thai – Raw recipe

Pad Thai in the Raw


Kelp noodles, marinate in orange, lemon & lime juices for 2 hours minimum, drain – save juices for soup base

Onion, spring onion, snow peas, red pepper, cucumber, green pawpaw, tomato all sliced in julienne style minced fesh ginger, Chili & kaffir lime leaves to be finely sliced for decoration, shredded strips of nori sheets go well with this


Combine all ingredients and stir through noodles Add the juice and zest of lime just prior to serving, tamarind paste can be used, add this to the lime juice
Quantities are in indiviual choice here with this recipe, depends on the number of people you are serving and their tastes, add extra chili or leave out an ingredient all together.

Just have fun making it

NB. Kelp Noodles are available in sealed packets, I have used the Sea Tangle brand. Available in most good health food stores around the world.

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