Which Raw Food is Worse Than a Big Mac ?

Which Raw Food is Worse Than a Big Mac ?


I recently came across this fabulous article from Raw Fooder Frederic Patenuade, this topic has long been a bone of contention amongst the raw food movement.

My personal transition to raw food, saw me eating way too much fat, it is a common mistake most people make.

I have changed that around 100% now I only consume Fruits & vegetables, with chia seeds as my only fat, except for some occasional Durian. I have taken avocado out of my lifestyle along with all nuts and oils.

To insure I get the best possible source of omega 3 I do take  fish oil every day.

Some people may find this following information confronting, but well worth a read.

Which Raw Food is Worse Than a Big Mac?

No one will argue that McDonald’s food is healthy. But one
shocking fact that I discovered is that almost all of
McDonald’s food is actually lower in fat than your average
raw food recipe!

Let’s take a popular McDonald’s burger like the Big Mac.

One Big Mac has 34 grams of fat, which is barely more than
an avocado (which has 30 grams).

I found on the Internet several recipes for a “Raw Vegan Taco,”
and they all contain between 100 and 147 grams of fat (per
serving)! The main ingredients were walnuts, avocados and
sometimes even macadamia’s for a raw sour cream topping.
That’s almost three times as much fat as a single Big Mac.

Even your large serving of French Fries at McDonald’s still
contains only 25 grams of fat: less than 1 avocado.

If you take the most decadent McDonald’s burger, the Double
Quarter Pounder With Cheese, you’ll be surprised that it
only contains 42 grams of fat. That means you could eat that
burger with a large order of fries AND a Big Mac and it
would be less fat than the most popular Raw Vegan Taco

Of course, I’m not saying that McDonald’s food is better. We
all know it’s full of chemicals, trans fats and animal fat,
and very low in vitamins and minerals.

But if we isolate just the fat component, one could make a
case that raw vegan recipes are often worse than McDonald’s

Or we can simply say that most raw vegan recipes are far too
high in fat.

Also, an interesting fact is that raw vegan recipes are very
low in carbs and protein. We know that the only
macronutrients that can satisfy us are carbs and protein.
Eating fat is notorious for being the worst way to achieve
the feeling of satiety.

I remember back in the days when I was a gourmet raw vegan
chef in San Diego, I would often serve people giant avocados
with a big salad, and everything covered with a fatty
dressing. Even after this, a lot of people would come
begging to get more avocado.

That’s because fat literally cannot satiate you, you just
want to keep eating more and more.

The raw taco isn’t the only culprit out there either. Most
restaurants have little on their menu that isn’t laden with

Some other infamously fatty raw restaurant recipes:

-Raw lasagna (marinated in olive oil and layered with nut
-Raw nachos (flax crackers with guacamole, nut sour cream
and salsa)
-Raw pizza (nut crust topped with nut cheese and a few

Instead of these nutritional disasters you should master a
new kind of raw cuisine that emphasizes more fruit over fat,
but with lots of vegetables and herbs being used in creative
ways to keep things interesting.

2 thoughts on “Which Raw Food is Worse Than a Big Mac ?

  1. Interesting comments about fat. I find that I do have satiety eating nuts and avocados. Once I start eating starches and sugars I want to eat more of the same. I feel much healthier eating mostly raw fruits, vegetables and nuts.

    • Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your comments. What I love about eating, is that everyone is such a unique individual, there no two people the same, we all have our own individual needs and requirements.
      We all have our right to eat and feel exactly how we want to. I post the information simply to attract like minded like bodied people, and share my feelings, opinions and experiences. I am not right or wrong.
      I have been on a food journey for 56 years, having experienced many levels of health, and body weights. Personally I do not tolerate fats and do superbly well on fruits and vegetables both cooked and raw. My body weight has finally come to a zone that I am happy with, so I can only see myself continuing on the journey, until something changes, then I will embrace a new beginning. Friends in Food Roslyn

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