There is only one of you !!


Let’s get down to basics, put simply, there is not another person, animal or plant that is anything remotely like you.

There is only one of you, no one else even comes close. ‘So what?’ I hear you say, when you truly come to understand the meaning of this you will be empowered more than you could ever have imagined.

Let me give you some pretty obvious examples of what I mean.

No one experiences life the way you do, no one interprets a book, views a movie, sees a painting, listens to music or smells a fragrance quite the way you do.

You might be a person who loves the ocean, or some one who loves the mountains, or you might be a private person or some one who loves to party, maybe you love winter or adore the feeling of sunshine on your skin in summer.

The list is endless, there are many differences as there are humans on the planet.

The objective and motivation for this Blog is to bring your awareness to the healing potential of your uniqueness.

There are so many differing opinions to what you SHOULD eat, so many, that I have clearly given up on all the so called guru’s out there espousing what ‘YOU SHOULD EAT’ or do in order to be healthy. Raw, cooked, organic, gluten free, grains, vegetarian, vegan, blah blah blah, on and on, and you know what, they all work, in some form.

What these people are failing to tell you, is that you are you !! You are made up of a unique set of minerals, chemicals, muscles, bones, blood, cells and the rest of the magic that goes to make your body. So when you come to consider the consequences of this information, it is totally your right to design an eating program or lifestyle that suits you.

With the years of sitting in consultation with people on so many differing health and healing levels, this is clearly what I have observed. No two ways of diet, exercise, medication or supplementation works for everyone. Whilst there may be a more generalisation of success for the majority, it has been my experience to see that every single person requires some individual tweaking to achieve the optimal benefits for a healthy lifestyle.

I have seen people who do quite well on chemotherapy, others with juices and raw food, some desperately need a cooked dietary program to thrive. Some tolerate medication whilst others can’t do without supplementation. I have friends that can’t see a day without some hard core form of exercise, with some the mere thought of running or walking or pushing weights brings them out in a sweat.

My message is simple, start by truly understanding that you are you, and no one else comes close to knowing what your body needs, no one !! It is your right and responsibility to know what your body needs and requires in order for you to feel 100% healthy or not, that is your choice.

When you give over your responsibility  and care of your self to another, you are giving away a vital component of your healing ability. If they are not asking you ‘what do you think is wrong, or what do think the pain is caused from, or why you think you are not loosing weight ?’ then they have missed vital information in order to assist your health and healing.

I am not saying they have not got some good suggestions to make, or some idea’s or even experience they can recommend you try, but that is all they can offer. The amount of cold hard dollars I have personally spent in the pursuit of health, listening to other peoples, opinion of what they think I should try, would astound you. I am not telling you not to listen to these other well meaning people, but simply to empower yourself by understanding that you are you and you require such a unique program of diet, exercise, supplementation, medication, meditation combined with lifestyle, including the equation of friends, family, coworkers and other social combinations, to achieve maximum youness !!

One of the consequences of failing to tap into your youness, is when you do become ill, everyone comes offering their opinion of what you ‘should’ be doing or trying, when in fact a better way of assisting and supporting you would be to firstly ask you what you have decided to do in order to achieve wellness and support your choice.

They may very well have the best intention in sharing their opinion, but by doing this they are clearly not respecting your right to understand and know totally what it is you require to be the very best you can be.

So I encourage you to get to know you, understand what makes you feel great. You may not have the desire to live a long and healthy life, that is your right, your choice and your responsibility.

There is no one else like you. There is only one of you !!



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