Bad Breath – A sign of disease

Bad Breath

Bad stinky breath would have to be one of the most obvious signs of disease.

Yesterday at a seminar, I was seated, rather closely to a lady, who’s breath knocked me sideways !!  I was so glad the seminar only lasted an hour, as a truly would not have lasted any longer.

So what causes bad breath ?

First of all eliminate the possibility of dental problems, such as abscesses, gum disease, rotten teeth, or the smelly effects of eating garlic, onions or other strong odour foods. If all these check out to be clear, then it will be your gut, all 30 feet – 10 meters of it.

All I could smell of this woman was bowel !!  having been a Colon Hydrotherapist for 14 years I think I can class myself as a bowel odour expert !!

I took a moment to glance this woman’s body shape and noted whilst not grossly over weight, she was definitely  carrying an extra 10-20kgs around her gut, belly and tops of legs, a clear sign of a sluggish system.

I would have to say, this topic is a bit sensitive, as no one wants bad breath or wants to offend others with their breath, so I recommend that you ask a very close friend or partner if your breath stinks.

It just might be the first step to recognising a need to act on cleaning up your gut, working on a clean diet, incorporating some juices, getting some colonics or doing your own enemas in the comfort of your own home.


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