Roasted Red Bell Pepper

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Roasted Red Bell Pepper

This simple ingredient adds a sweetness to the flavour and smoothness to the texture of any dish you are preparing.

There are a few different ways to roast peppers, but this is the way I find the easiest.


Wash and deseed peppers

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Slice peppers and place them flat on a grill tray

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Grill peppers until skin is black

Roasted Red Peppers4_Snapseed   Roasted Red Peppers_5Snapseed

Wrap peppers in the foil and allow to steam and cool. This will make it easier to remove skins.

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You can remove the skins straight away,if you are in a hurry,  but they will be very hot to handle.                                            I find letting them sit until they have cooled a better option.

Roasted Red Peppers_7Snapseed

Remove the skins.

How you use these red beauties will only be limited by your imagination, here are some simple suggestions.

Slice and add to any salad or veggie combo.

Use them in a sandwich.

Blend them with sun dried tomatoes for an instant dip.

Add them to other ingredients for a soup.

Some of the other ways to blacken the skin are to grill on a BBQ, or place on a gas flame burner in your kitchen.

Red Bell Peppers are low in calories – 100g = 32 calories. Remember the calorie goes off the richter scale if you add oil.


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