Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver V Lean Cuisine

jamie-oliver-weight__oPt   Nigella 2

This morning on the ABC morning program, which I have to say is by far the best morning program on T.V. they were discussing the benefits of eating a Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson meal over grabbing a Lean Cuisine tray from the local super market and chucking it in the microwave !!

Really ?? !!!

Their discussion went on to argue that Jamie and Nigella’s meals were loaded with Fat & Sugar, Yes ? and your option is Lean Cuisine ??


When I watch the foodie shows on T.V. which I do, I am constantly amazed at just how much oil they drizzle (POUR, FLOOD, DRAIN) over the food !!


Personally this is in no way a criticism of either of these hugely successful T.V. Chefs, simple to alert you to the  bases of nutritional health, which I feel both these guy’s have sold their soul over. Not to mention their youthful, health and vigour .


Here is a much younger and slimmer Jamie giving the thumbs down to some fried fast food, simply swapping this food for fresh food flooded with oil is in no way more beneficial, if it was, neither Jamie or Nigella would be the typical 10-20kg overweight.

You cannot be overweight and healthy.

There is a huge amount of dollars to be made in selling recipes and T.V. food programs, if they were to take the fresh is best attitude then selling Fruit and Veggies would hardly see them earning the big bucks they do.

The main reason I made the choice not to continue with the Raw Food program and move over to a clean Fruit & Veg lifestyle was simply so I could distance myself from the fat laden Raw Food recipes. Having this new Blog site gives me a new platform to voice my opinion on fresh, clean fruits and veg. If you do want some low calorie, no fat recipes, look no further.

For me the choice is 2EZY, I no longer douse my food in oil, thinking it was not doing me any harm, my food is simple, clean and fresh, consisting only of fruits and veg, the only seed I eat is chia. I have no other fat in my food. This has been quite a long transition for me, having been such a foodie, it has taken over 5 years to make the journey from Raw food to  Clean fresh food, but one well worth making.

Chose carefully when you chose who you want to be an influence in your life, a good measuring stick is if they radiate health, are not overweight, and speak a message that you can align yourself with, then go for it. Make sure they are walking their talk.

Which I might add, both Jamie and Nigella are….. Eat this food and you too can be fat and overweight !!!

A little P.S. to this story, the other day when I went to buy my first fresh figs of the season, there was another lady there, quite over weight, and could not wait to tell me how she was going to make this fabulous tart with cream and cheese and pastry with her figs, I simply said I would be eating mine in the raw, clean & fresh 🙂 her reply was, so that is why you look so slim !!!

It’s a no brainer !!!

It is your choice, so for me neither Jamie, Nigella or lean cuisine will be on my list of food any time soon.

LOL Roslyn Clean Fresh Fruit & Veg

Roslyn Figs


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