Christmas Calories


O.K. Every one time to shock your socks off !!

I am an avid calorie counter, it is the most successful tool I have to maintain my weight. I am not saying I restrict my calories, but I sure know exactly how many calories I personally require.

With one of the biggest feasting times of the year for most people, I thought I would put a list together of perhaps some of the food you may be indulging in, and let you see just how many calories you will be loading into that body of yours.

The fact is every single person requires a different amount of fuel or calories to maintain their body, it depends on so many individual factors, metabolism, exercise and how much you shove in there.

If you consider the food you eat as your fuel in your car, if you put more petrol in your car than your tank could hold in would simply run out over the road.

So what happens when you put more fuel – calories – food in your body than your stomach can hold ? Most people keep eating !! Then the excess is stored in the body as fat 2EZY

Here is a list that gives you an approximate guideline to some of the foods and drinks you may consume over the Christmas festive season. In particular I have calculated a typical Christmas lunch and breakfast. You can double the calories if you repeat lunch as dinner with your other family.


Croissant x1 200 cal + butter & Jam

1 mug Cappuccino – 150 cal

Lindt Balls x4 – 320 cal

Champagne x1 glass 100 cal

Nuts 40g – 240 cal

Christmas Cake 1 slice – 250 cal

Mince pie & cream – 360 cal

Champagne        Lindt Balls


Christmas lunch

Turkey 100g – 100 cal

Ham 100g – 100 cal

Prawns 90 cal per 100g boiled not crumbed and fried

Roast potato x1 200 cal

Gravy 60 cal per serve

Stuffing 200 per 100g

Pudding 350 per serve

Custard 230 per Cup

Shortbread per biscuit 40 cal

Baileys 100ml 325 cal

Red wine 100 cal per glass

White wine 100 cal per glass

Red Wine

Please remember this is a rough calorie guide line, I have purposely rounded the calories off to the nearest figure to make it easier to calculate.

The grand total for this festive breakfast and lunch is  Approximately 3925 calories if you add another round of dinner to that you can add roughly 2800 more calories taking your grand daily intake of food, fuel and calories to a massive 6725 !!

Realising the average person only requires 1500 – 2000 calories per day to get through an average day’s work, you will have consumed somewhere around 3 or 4 days total fuel intake.

If all of this is too much, please take a wander around my recipes on the Blog to find my Low Calorie meals.

Or simply eat Fruit & Veg and stay away from all the fat and alcohol.

Merry Christmas every one 🙂 what ever you choose to eat  LOL Roslyn


3 thoughts on “Christmas Calories

    • Thanks for that Vinny 🙂 I found a better calorie chart which suggested 90 cal per 100g boiled. These are the Australian King prawns, as this is what all Aussies will have at Christmas, as opposed to the little asian ones.
      Trust this sorts it out. I guess my over all goal in Blogging this was to alert people to what they ate and how calorie dense the food could be. LOL Roslyn merry Christmas

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