Book review – Not Yet – Wayson Choy


Not Yet by Wayson Choy – Book Review

This book was part of a random bag of books shared with me by a book buddy, the front cover states ‘ A memoir of living and almost dying’ – ‘Choy’s effortless style is mesmerising’

I was at first intrigued by the simplistic concept of writing about recovering from a heart attack, but what I found was a indulgent, selfish and self absorbed story. This book clearly raised my issues around health and responsibility to look after the perfect body we are given from birth.

Wayson Choy’s story was so very typical of the common person out there today who knowingly goes about their day doing everything in their power to create disease and premature death. By consuming all the food, that is by design made to destroy the health of your body, and to completely ignore the simple common sense of exercise, to maintain a level of life that is worth living.

Having survived a heart attack and asthmatic attack, which I will add, my father died at 42 years with a heart attack, and my brother in law died at 31 with an asthmatic attack, Wayson Choy goes about a 2 month rehab program to resume his life, only to repeat the exact same eating program and lack of exercise to duplicate his death threatening diseases of the heart, lungs and going one better by adding type 2 diabetes !! INSANE

This type of thinking is insanity to me, how any one knowingly goes about their day, creating disease that they are consciously aware will bring about an early death, or at the very least make them a burden on the hospital system, and their family and friends, is out of my reality.

But this is what the story is about. The story confirmed, my disbelief with where the common persons thinking about health is today.

Frankly I was disgusted by the senseless indulgence of this man.

The other indulgence with this book is the type, it is set in Centaur, you will need a microscope to read this !!

I will not be choosing another of Choy’s books to read.



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