Detox – Binging – Cleansing

Detox Binging cleansing

Detox – Binging – Cleansing

With another Christmas day over and New Years Eve approaching we get to look at the possibilities of NY resolutions. I think the most popular one would have to be join a gym and loose these extra kilo’s.

I would bet you have made this resolution before !! and failed. Are you the detox binger ??

What does the word DETOX conjure up for you ?

If you are amongst the 75% of people carrying 5 – 50 extra kilo’s around, this word probably conjures up the thought of deprivation.

What if I could change that for you ?? Interested ??

Here is a simple guideline and some information that will support you with this 2EZY program.

#1. Your body is 100% designed to eliminate and detox all by itself, in fact every major organ in your body is perfectly designed for elimination. Liver, kidneys, bowel, lungs, skin, blood – each one of these beauties will do their best to eliminate what ever you put into your body.

#2. No matter what you give your body to deal with, it keeps on eliminating. Some better than others.

#3. Your body eliminates 24 hours a day. Sweat, Bowels, Kidneys, Breathing.

#4. Some times your body will struggle to deal with what you have put in. Constipation, Disgusting body odour, Foul smelling urine, poop and breath.

#5. It is not only food that your body has to eliminate. Alcohol, drugs (both social & medication), chemicals from cleaning agents and personal hygiene products add to the load.

#6. Detoxing is EZY, ’cause it is the natural function of your body. It is how you stay alive. With out this function you will die.

With these few tips in mind, it becomes very easy to put a few simple things into practice.

#1. Add more fruit and veg to your diet. They are the most detoxing, eliminating foods on the planet. Eat loads of them.

#2. If you did nothing more than add fruit and veg to your diet, you would increase your bodies ability to self clean.

#3. Of course you can umpf up the detox by juicing and deprivation, but it won’t work for long.


#4. Adding Fruit & Veg will satisfy your hunger, is the least expensive form of eating, can be implemented any where in the world, any time of the year. Can be done for a day, a meal, a week, a month or a life time.

There really isn’t any other way of eating that is less complicated & more doable than eating Fruits & Vegetables.

So why not include more of these foods into your life in 2013 ?

Include ‘I will eat more Fruit & Veg for 2013’ in your NY’s resolution, and watch the kilo’s drop away, feel more vibrant and vital.

Don’t be hard on yourself with deprivation style programs, or programs that cost the earth, and ones that you simply will not continue. Just think Fruit & Veg – 2EZY

If you want to know more about another way to umpf up the detox why not check out my other Blog


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