Book Review – Au Revoir – Mary Moody

Au Revoir Mary Moody

Au Revoir – Mary Moody

The simply gift of a book, builds, binds and bonds a friendship like nothing else. It becomes a rich ingredient to share, in so many ways, differing opinions, individual thoughts, personal experiences all go to colour a book buddy relationship.

Au Revoir was such a gift, I loved the easy style in which it was written and the depth of personal honesty was such a joy.

I was carried along on the journey to France, and felt a ‘foodies – travellers’  passion for life that appeared on each page of this delightful personal story of life.

I must add that I was amazed by how much food and wine Mary actually consumed during her stay. It was a constant feast, that had me feeling quite overwhelmed by the sheer quantity she ate and drank !!

In posting these book reviews, please feel welcome, in fact I would love to invite all my Followers to recommend their own favourite read books.

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