Book Review – Sepulchre – Kate Mosse


Sepulchre – Kate Mosse

I don’t know what you do when you are reading a boring book ?

I am one of those readers, that unless it is an absolutely brain sucking read, I soldier on in the vain hope that the book will improve.

With Sepulchre, which I will add is not a total failure, but it just went on and on, I felt like I was wading thru wet cement. Kate Mosse combines a modern day story with another set in 1891, it simply took forever to get to the gist of the plot. The idea for the story was good enough, I just felt it was to dragged out and could have been told in half the time.

I managed to read 3 other books whilst reading the one, just to have a break, then did some speed reading, and fast page turning to finally get to the end of this epic.


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