Candida – Causes and Cures

Candida Roslyn

I came across this fabulous article today, by Frederic Patenaude who totally supports my views on Candida and a fat free diet.

I have also included my video, that goes on to explain my opinion in detail. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

I often get questions about candida. Many people tell me
that they want to get rid of their candida problems but are
afraid to eat a lot of fruit. They want to know the best way
to solve this issue naturally.

The way to beat candida is simple: you have to understand
that candida is an issue that comes from eating too much
fat, not too much sugar.

When we eat too much fat, that excess fat in the bloodstream
diminishes insulin sensitivity, so sugar isn’t carried out
as fast as it should to the cells. It accumulates in the
bloodstream, feeding the candida yeast that is naturally
present there.

The candida then proliferates to “eat up” the excess sugar.
The answer isn’t to consume less sugar, or to try to kill
the candida — but to go at the root of the problem, that is,
to consume less fat.

Why shouldn’t I eat all the avocados, nuts, and seeds I

Avocados, nuts and seeds are extremely high in fat content.
When it comes to fat, it doesn’t matter so much its origin;
fat is fat. Fat goes from the lymph system directly into the
blood. Too much fat will thicken the blood, causing the red
blood cells to clump together so they cannot deliver oxygen
to the cells.

It is better to eat small amounts of avocados, nuts and
seeds, and not to eat them daily. There is more than
adequate fat for the body from fruits, vegetables and leafy

Eventually, it is best to get away from desiring to feel a
heavy feeling after a meal, as this is an indicator that the
digestive system is being overworked.

In order to feel satisfied, it is best to eat large amounts
of sweet fruit, which may pass through your stomach quickly,
but will appease true hunger for hours.

I have candida or a yeast infection, and I’ve been told to
avoid too much sugar. How can I eat so much sweet fruit when
it’s full of sugar?

Excess fat is the culprit in candida, not sugar, per se.
When fat levels in the blood rise, so does blood sugar,
because excess fat inhibits insulin from performing its
function of escorting sugar out of the bloodstream.

The excess fat lines the blood vessel walls, the cells’
insulin receptor sites, the sugar molecules themselves, and
the insulin with a thin coating of fat, thus blocking and
inhibiting normal metabolic activity.

Too much sugar in the blood is as life threatening as too little
and can result in serious illness or death. Yeast, or candida,
is a constant presence in the blood; it serves as a life preservation
mechanism, blooming when there is an excess of sugar in the
blood stream to bring blood sugar down to a non-threatening

When the sugar is distributed and used by the cells of the
body, the yeast quickly dies off as it is supposed to.

If fat levels stay chronically high due to a poor diet,
sugar will remain in the bloodstream and feed the large
candida colonies instead of feeding the 18 trillion cells of
your body.

Starved for fuel, these cells can no longer metabolize
energy, and you become tired, and feel rundown. Because all
carbohydrate, fat, and protein that we eat is converted to
simple sugar (glucose) if it is to be used by the cells for
fuel, the way out of this cycle is not to eat less sugar,
but to consume less fat.

When fat levels drop, the sugar starts to get processed and
distributed again, and the yeast levels drop because there
is no longer excess sugar available.

FREDERIC: To conclude, the advice I give to people who ask
me about candida is to go on a really low-fat diet for a
while, avoiding all oil, nuts and avocado. The problem is
generally solved within a few weeks, if not a few days.
Often people have been battling with this for years and get
instant relief from doing this low-fat diet. After that
period, then small quantities of fatty foods can be
reintroduced, as explained in my book, The Raw Secrets.

Personal testimony: a friend of mine came back from Cuba
where she ate only raw fruits & vegetables, along with the
water of several coconuts, without any fatty foods. She did
that for 6 weeks and overcame a candida issue that, in her
own words, “seemed to have gone on forever.”

Yours for health and success,


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