Meat Under Fire for Causing Cancer, Death

Cancer Meat

You don’t have to be Einstein to make sense of this article.

Harvard Study Validates Dr. Robert O. Young’s Research
ABC’s Diane Sawyer reveals Harvard study that proves red meat vastly increases the chances of an early death. The study is a microcosm of evidence that has become so obvious in large meat-eating nations like the United States, where the rates of cancer and heart disease are skyrocketing.

Dr. Robert O. Young states, “animal flesh is highly acidic and produces nitric, uric, sulphuric and phosphoric acids that cause cancer and death in humans and animals.

Since the ingestion of red meat does NOT completely digest or liquify the undigested meat sits in your stomach, small and large intestines, fermenting and rotting the cover cells of the stomach, stressing out the pancreas, and destroying the delicate intestinal villi causing stomach inflammation, indigestion, acid reflux, stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, irritable bowel, colitis, intestinal ulcerations, colon cancer, anemia, Type I diabetes, anxiety, depression, immune disorders, blood disorders, muscle and bone wasting, intravascular coagulation, high blood pressure, heart disease and finally death.

I cannot think of one good health reason for eating meat.

The ingestion of meat will over-acidfy the blood and then tissues leading to sickness and disease.

Bottom-line the ingestion of animal flesh is dangerous, stupid and inhumane to animals and their right to life.

My advise is to leave the animals alone.

The day we stop eating meat will be the day that the lion will lay down with the lamb.

We must be the change we want to see.”

One thought on “Meat Under Fire for Causing Cancer, Death

  1. Another great article and from Harvard University….. who can argue with that just being some crazy hippy idea šŸ™‚

    I would actually love your view on a phenomenon I come across from time to time. I seen several people come through my clinic last year who where Vego or Vegan for years for various reasons and recently returned to meat eating. I also watch the wellness warriors health talks show and discovered that out of the 4 health and wellness ladies on the panel only Jess was practicing a plant based diet. One of the girls said she was vegan for many years and recently started eating meat and following the Paleo diet. Both her and the people I saw in my clinic reported feeling a lot better for returing to meat.

    I’m wondering why this could be as I’m 7 years into an all plant based diet and transforming and feeling better every year. My feeling is that just being a vego or vegan doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is feeding the body well.

    would love you feedback

    thanks heaps

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