Chia seeds – Omega 3

Chia Seeds Omega 3

Chia Seeds – Omega 3 are you getting enough ?

We all know the need for Omega-3, (a-linolenic acid) in our diet, everything from depression and ADHD to heart disease and hypertension can be caused from a lack of Omega-3 in the diet. Did you know Chia is the highest plant source of Omega-3 known to man? Chia is 62% – 65% Omega-3. That makes chia a very high anti-inflammatory.

Chia contains powerful antioxidants that protect delicate essential fatty acids from oxidation. Unlike other sources of omega-3 oils (e.g., flax, hemp, or fish), chia doesn’t require the artificial or added antioxidants such as vitamins in order to remain fresh. Chia is an antioxidant-rich, whole food that naturally protects itself from oxidation. Therefore chia seeds remain fresh for longer.

Chia has 5 times more calcium than milk and the calcium is more readily absorbed thanks to the traces of boron which is vital for bone health.

Chia has 19 to 23% protein content and is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids, more than that found in traditional cereals such as wheat (13.7%), corn (9.4%), rice (6.5%), oatmeal (16.9%) and barley (12.5%) and Chia’s protein is gluten-free.

Chia seeds are highly hydrophilic, with the ability to hold about nine times their weight in water. This ability can prolong hydration and retain electrolytes in body fluids, especially during exertion or exercise.

Chia provides 27.6 gr. of fibre per 100 gr. of seed, equivalent to 100% of the recommended daily doses for adults. This soluble fibre cleans the intestines by binging and transporting debris from the intestinal walls so that it can be eliminated efficiently and regularly. A daily dose of Chia seeds provides an excellent fibre source and most people notice a different in less than a week.

Chia seeds

  • Omega 3 fatty acids – Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids, meaning that you need to get from food sources because your body cannot produce them itself. Omega 3′s reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. They’re also said to help with weight reduction related to their regulation of blood sugar levels and insulin.
  • Plant-based protein – We all know protein is an essential macronutrient needed for many functions in the body, including muscle building.
  • Antioxidants – Anti-oxidants help rid our body of free radicals, which have been linked to cancer and heart disease.
  • Fiber – Helps with weight loss by keeping you feeling full, prevents constipation and enhances regularity.
  • Magnesium and Potassium – Two minerals needed for good health.

How much chia should I eat daily?

For general purposes of health, nutrition and energy an adult would typically consume about 1-2 tbsp dry seeds daily.

What are the nutritional facts?

1 Tablespoon of dry seeds have about 60 calories, 5 g of Fat, 6 g of Carbohydrate, 6 g of Fiber, 3 g of Protein 1oz or 2 tablespoons will supply 4920mg of Omega 3

The current recommended daily dose is 500mg of Omega 3 per day.

Be aware that if you cook your fish in olive oil which is high in omega 6 you will destroy a lot of the beneficial omega 3 EFA’s in the fish.

All the more reason to eat Chia seeds.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds

Chia Seeds

Watch this video to find out more about Chia Seeds


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