Lemon Juice and Water Detox

Lemon Juice and water detox

I love social media for all of its instant quick fix reminders and tips for healthy eating. The lemon in water remedy is one close to my heart. My mum who religiously had her lemon juice and warm water every morning, died at 51 of cancer – hogkins lymphoma.

When you see these healthy tips, I would advise you to see the big picture, there is little point in taking the lemon juice and warm water every day and remain a chronically constipated, meat eating  smoker as my mother was.

There are 1000’s of remedies out there, all of which will assist you to clean up your body, but it requires a whole lot more commitment and dedication on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly lifetime lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy clean, disease free body.

As it is impossible to clean up your body by implementing a single lifestyle practice of drinking lemon juice and water every day, whilst not making any other changes to your lifestyle. The reverse is also true, it is impossible not to detoxify your body by eating a clean fresh diet of fruits and vegetables, thereby decreasing your chances of developing a terminal disease, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke or the like.

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