Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Benefits of Tea

I started drinking tea when I was a young child, mum would give us black tea with sugar to drink when we were recovering from some gut bug. Mum always drank her tea with a dash of milk, no sugar and from the finest china cup she could afford, or more likely we could afford, as it was a common birthday or christmas gift for mum from myself and my sisters. In fact the only momento keepsake of my mums ( she died over 30 years ago now) is her tea cup, which I treasure.

My long journey of achieving a higher than normal level of health has seen me restrict all caffeine drinks from my lifestyle, during which on a number of times I have come across varying articles heralding the benefits of tea. Never one to turn my back a health benefit, I have done my research and as always, checked into my own body, to exactly how I feel both with and without a life of caffeine.

Throughout my teens, twenties, thirties and well into my early forties I drank 1 or occasionally 2 cups of Twinnings English Breakfast every day, it wasn’t until I embarked upon a live in massage course, which forbid all caffeine drinks, did I give my caffeine habit away. Needless to say the headache that was associated with giving up drinking tea was horrendous to say the least, it was one of those that encircled my whole head with a throbbing, pain simply too great to bear !! I had a choice, either go back and have a cup of tea, which at that time I did not want to do or take some pain relief which I didn’t want to do either !! so I had to weigh up the lesser of the 2 solutions, as there was no caffeine at the massage course, luckily one of my fellow masseurs had some panadol contraband which I joyfully, gratefully though some what reluctantly relieved her of a couple of tablets. With  headache resolved, I embarked upon an almost 10 year caffeine free lifestyle.

After being caffeine free for 10 years, and discovering the benefits of the Blood Type diet, (I am an A blood type, and coffee is suggested to be beneficial for A BT’s), never one to do anything by halves I sat at a cosy cafe and ordered a full strength soy cappuccino, which I must say I loved every mouth full. BUT !!! when it kicked in I was flying, I had to drive home from Maleny to Buderim, I have never taken any drugs, but my guess would be, the sensation in my body was similar to a hit of something illegal. That was about 5 years ago now, I have done my research, checked my body and make my choices on how I feel on a daily basis as to wether I have a cup of tea, black, green or white, no milk or sugar or very occasionally a strong black coffee with palm or coconut sugar.

It is always your personal choice as to what you want to put in your body and how your body reacts to it. I am including some articles I have found useful in assisting me to make my choice to include caffeine back into my lifestyle.

10 Health benefits of Black Tea

Black Tea is made from the same plant as green tea and white tea.  Black tea doesn’t mean tea without milk, and white tea doesn’t mean tea with milk.  The difference is the way the tea leaves are processed after picking.  Green and white teas are hardly processed at all, whereas black tea is fully oxidized.

1. Studies continue to show that tea is very good for you, and has some amazing health properties that cannot be ignored.

2. Black teas contain antioxidants which prevent the damage caused by free radicals which can lead to numerous diseases.

3. Drinking black teas can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as it helps to expand the arteries, which increases blood flow to the heart.

4. Research has shown the black tea can be used in the fight against cancer.  Properties of the tea slow down the growth of cancerous cells without destroying healthy cells.

5. Tea is also believed to help to delay the aging process.  Nowadays there are many anti aging creams and lotions that contain tea extracts to help the skin look younger.

6. Drinking black tea can help to burn fat and speed up metabolism.  This makes it an ideal drink for those who are looking to lose weight, or who exercise regularly.

7. Drinking tea such as black and green tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol

8. Tea contains fluoride, which can help to prevent tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel.

9. For those people with diabetes, drinking tea can help to decrease glucose levels, which can reduce the risk of cataracts, and other conditions brought about by diabetes.

10. Investigations have shown that the benefits of black tea are lessened when milk is added.   So, in order to take advantage of the amazing health benefits of this tea, it’s recommended that you don’t take your tea with milk or sugar.

There are so many different loose teas to choose from that you won’t get bored. As well as black, why not try white and green tea? Many people don’t make these sorts of teas properly, which is why some people don’t like loose tea.

Drinking just 3-5 cups of black tea daily can bring about all these health benefits.  If you drink tea already, why not change to black or green tea, and see if that improves your health and well being.   By starting to drink black, green or white tea today, eating healthily, and getting regular exercise, you can dramatically reduce the risks of serious medical conditions. If you’re not currently a tea drinker, what are you waiting for?

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