Vegan Your Choice


I personally have not been vegan all my life, I was bought up on the typical Australian diet of meat and 3 veg. until I left home and began to make my own choices and began to learn about me. During my childhood, it was usually chops, sausages and the obligatory Sunday roast leg of lamb, along with rissoles, and varying dishes made with mince steak. Even as I write these words – chops, mince, sausages, roast, there is a purposeful disconnection to where this food comes from. We rarely ate chicken, and that was only at Christmas when my father would go to a farm and bring home live chooks and chop their heads off and allow them to run around the yard, until he hung them on the clothes line to allow the blood to flow out of them.

My father loved to fish, so our diet was supplemented with fresh fish on a regular basis.

At no time during my childhood did I ever have a conscious thought about what I was eating – EVER !!

Back when I was going to school there was a new American student who was a vegetarian and ate Sanitarium nut meat, I was very curious, but remained unchanged in my awareness of eating animals as food.

I progressed thru many varying diets and eating programs, embracing food and food cultures on many levels.

I have eaten Thai, including some excellent Thai street food, some of the tastiest, flavour filled exotic Bali cuisine, embraced the fruity decadence of Kauai – Hawaii, European stodge, and some pretty dammed awful airport stuff. ย I have also eaten pretty much every variety of fish on the market due to my husband enjoying to drop a line in the ocean.

As I have grown older and I trust, wiser, or at the very least more experienced with making choices, I began to experience a more meat free program, I used to say, that I ate this way because I simply enjoyed the taste of fruits, vegetables and grains better, as I still hadn’t come to the position of clearly understanding the total futility of eating animals for food and the effect it is having on me and the planet I live on.

Not ever wanting to put myself in a box and give myself a label, be it Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian, Raw foody or what ever……. I simply eat now as a Roslyn, there is only one of me, and only I know what my body needs and wants and how I feel when I consume certain foods both physically and emotionally.

I refuse to judge others for their food choices. It is every persons given right and responsibility to eat what ever they choose as long as they do own the results both physically and emotionally for doing so.

My diet today includes predominately fruits and vegetables, mostly raw in the way of fruits for breakfast with some chia seeds, more fruit throughout the day and a large bowl of salad at night, which may include some steamed pumpkin. When I am feeling cold I will cook up a big bowl of vegetables and totally enjoy the warmth of this meal.

I may still have a very occasional meal of fresh fish [maybe twice a year] & that is more to please my husband than anything else. I totally own my choice in this, does it sit comfortably on my – no, but it is a marital concession I make.

It has taken 57 years to come to this place of eating a Roslyn food plan, I am contented in my choices, and I will continue to grow in my understanding of fuelling my precious body.

What choices do you make ??

Here is some information that might assist you.

Along with all these statistics, it is impossible to ignore the health benefits of eating a plant based diet.

We don’t need to eat meat at all.

Eating meat and agriculture has created WAR VIOLENCE GREED GENOCIDE, it is not tool late.

Each one of us becoming vegan savesย 2,000 animal lives a year.

Live with a compassionate healthy heart and life, become AWARE, become FREE from tyranny of DOGMA.

23,199,336 Buffalo
1,501,799 Camels
301,275,455 Cattle
49,877,536,490 Chickens
2,676,365,000 Ducks
402,611,664 Goats
5,018,470 Horses
1,375,940,758 Pigs
564,785,251 Sheep
635,382,008 Turkeys

our future generations will look back in such utter HORROR…IT is a Holocaust of unimaginable proportions.

“Go VEGAN for the love of the ANIMALS and the PLANET, Go RAW VEGAN for the LOVES of your LIFE” ~ SRV

2 thoughts on “Vegan Your Choice

  1. Hi Roslyn,

    I’d love to ask you some questions ๐Ÿ™‚

    How is your health? As in.. have you experienced health issues as a vegan?

    I was recently reading that Ashton Kutcher ate only fruit as he tried to mimic Steve Jobs (the character he was playing) being a ‘fruitarian’. Ashton was hospitalised and was quite sick.. especially his pancreas. Steve as you probably know died of pancreatic cancer. It seems that maybe fruit-only wasn’t enough.

    I have a very fatty liver because I’m overweight and carry most of my weight in that ‘dangerous place’… ie. the top part of my body.. an ‘apple shape’. The more I research veganism and raw foods and the liver etc.. the more I’m learning that fructose is an enemy of the liver. I’ve read that for someone like myself..I should go off all sugar and grains for 12 months in order to shrink and heal the liver. That would include cutting out fruit…or limiting it significantly. I hate the idea of that..but I’m not getting any younger (44 soon, ie. not in my 20’s)…and my health is noticeably deteriorating by consuming a typically Western diet..and since my gallbladder was removed (things have just got worse). Sure I eat superfoods and have big salads and I juice etc.. but I’m not consistent. I try so hard to embark on a healthier lifestyle ..then I fail and go back to craving hamburgers and meat pies and cakes. I’m looking into getting help with this from a mental perspective because I think there are addiction issues..but I’m not so sure about how to approach a new life in a “no going back” approach. I think I won’t go back to my old eating habits but I do. I’ve also been warned not to have a low protein diet because my liver needs protein to function and repair.

    I don’t think I could go fruit all day and then a salad at night..that would be like fasting for me. I know I have to get serious if I don’t want to end up with diabetes or cirrhosis and a transplant..or cancer.. and I do suffer with my fatty liver too.. it’s not pleasant.

    I was wondering if you’ve had any health issues from eating so much fruit and raw food.. (seeing as Steve Jobs didn’t fare too well with pancreatic cancer after his Fruitarian diet) ?

    I dream of my “new life” every single day… a life filled with many natural foods.. and juices…and giving my dehydrator a regular workout too. But putting things into action is so difficult for me. As I’ve started and stopped so many times.. I think I secretly think it’s all beyond me. I’ve been on every diet under the sun.. lost and gained hundreds of kilo’s over the years.. many hundreds! I’ve been mega-committed.. only to somehow… go back to where I came from. Again.. I’m hoping that once I address the mental head-space side of things I might stand a better chance. I’ve had counselling before and I have every book under the sun about good eating and positive changes etc.. But I’m looking to attend a specific clinic that deals with food issues.

    It’s always inspiring though to see people like yourself advocating a healthy life with good nutrition.. so I thank you for your passion and commitment to sharing what you do ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Maria ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment

      I will answer your Q.s as best as i can ๐Ÿ™‚

      My health is pretty good, I am 56 soon to be 57, I am not overweight, I have no diseases, I do not take any medications, I can exercise as much as I want and do what ever I want to do with out any restrictions due to ill health or my body size.

      My health has only improved since eating a plant based diet of fruits and vegetables, I do not consume any nuts, oils, or grains. I do have Chia seeds for omega 3

      After having spent the best part of my life dieting, I so relate to everything you are saying here.

      I guess to cut to the chase, what I have learned to be the most valuable part of all this dieting stuff is to eat for me, I am a Roslyn, not a vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian or raw foody I am me and I eat accordingly. I eat exactly what I want when I want it, I do not eat to any one else’s program.

      My body feel great eating fruits and veg, that is all that matters.

      I happen to have a very strong desire to live a long and healthy life, I feel that eating healthy is a vital component of that desire.

      But that does not suit everyone and that is O. K.

      I sugest you do what makes you happy, in the end none of us are going to make it out of here alive !!

      I just do not want any of the diet related diseases that come with eating crap food.

      The choice is always yours.

      LOL Roslyn ๐Ÿ™‚

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